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We make products you can enjoy from spring to winter. We don't do mass production. We hand-craft our products using innovative processes and materials.

We've never cut corners or skimped on our products. On the contrary, we've always strived for even better performance and durability. We enjoy modifying and customizing our products according to your needs and wishes.

We're working hard to make Choc a cult brand for all the experts and connoisseurs. A brand that puts a smile on your face, a brand that is a hallmark of quality and Czech craftsmanship. We're not looking for compromises or an easy way out. We're looking for challenges!


We don't have any salesmen or distribution networks. Thanks to this, we can give you top quality products with no compromises at the best price-performance ratio.

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Your product delivered to your doorstep. No hidden costs => pure quality


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Shred Days 2024

8. - 9.6.Wakelake Bratislava
22. - 23.6.Wakeport
13. - 14.7.Wakepark Hradec Králové
20. - 21.7.Wakepark Merkur
27. - 28.7.Wakesoul Beach
10. - 11.8.Wakepark Hradec Králové
17. - 19.8.Wakelake Bratislava



The most advanced technology we use is our own hands.

And we are proud of it.



Can't be replaced!

Wood is a truly unique and irreplaceable material, especially when making top-quality products. We carefully select it by its density, duration of growth, weight, torsional properties and elasticity. In order to achieve the best possible performance, we use a combination of vertical and horizontal stringers.

Wood milling, Machining

The wooden core is CNC machined, which means the process is extremely accurate. We pay maximum attention to the milling process, because the quality of the core shows in products’ performance and stability. 

Wood Master

Tomáš Samek

He is responsible for the selection of the best possible wood for our products. He prepares the data for the milling process and supervises the accuracy of the production. He consults with the production engineer on the optimization of the processes, and together, they push the boundaries of our 3D machining.


Sublimation and Silkscreen colours

Attention to detail is paramount.

We're using high-quality silkscreening and sublimation inks from Switzerland which closely reproduce the Pantone palette and boast high colour stability. Designs are either hand-painted or created digitally. The choice of printing method depends on the experience of the master printer and the limits of the individual technologies.

Silkscreening and Sublimation

Foils and bases can be printed by various methods; depending on the style of the design or the colour requirements, we use either silkscreening or sublimation printing. Some designs are better suited for sublimation printing (colour gradients); however, fine details, pure white, metallic colours and neon shades can only be printed by silkscreening. Both methods can be combined to achieve the best possible representation of the original design.

Printing Master

František Němeček

He's an expert on everything colour-related. Besides prepress, he's also in charge of all the printing. That means he's responsible for mixing the paints accurately, guarding the print quality, making the silkscreening templates and die-cutting the bases.

Foils and Bottoms

ICP and Base materials

We are proudly giving the best from the market to people.

We build our products using top-quality materials from Austria and Germany. Different kinds of sports require different materials matching the function and purpose of the given product. The requirements may vary – durability on obstacles, speed on water, UV resistance, repairability of the base, wax absorption, hardness of the base, durability of materials and many other criteria. We don't make any compromises and always strive to choose the best, according to our experience.

Preparation of Base and Top Materials

The top foil and the base arrive in rolls and are cut, carved and prepared for further treatment during the prepress phase. After being printed, they are tested for quality and stored in special racks where they await lamination.

Pre-production Master

František Němeček

Is the youngest member of our team. He's in charge of everything pre-production related, he plans the supply of foils and bases and checks their quality. 

Choosing the Right Materials for the Construction

Fibreglass, Carbon, Basalt, etc.

We have 25 years of experience in choosing the right materials for you.

We use fibreglass, carbon or kevlar fibres which have different properties depending on their weight, type of weave and structure (ratio of the different directions of the fibres).

Choosing the Right Materials

Different types of laminated fabrics (glass, carbon, kevlar or basalt) affect the riding performance in different ways. These fabrics are manufactured in countless versions and modifications; choosing the right one always depends on the specifications of the given product. Special torsional reinforcement elements help us to achieve ideal mechanical properties which can be further adjusted by using various materials. By changing torsional properties, we can adjust the board to meet the customer's requirements.

Construction Master

Josef Šumbera, Jan Vašák

These two are in charge of choosing the best materials with respect to riders' specific needs. Choosing the right construction is about experience, listening to riders' needs and knowing how to use this information to push things another step forward. We're glad we can share in your joy of riding.



This is how we laminate. It is all about the hands.

Epoxy resins are the foundation of every construction. Resin is created by mixing adhesives with hardeners and is used to soak fabrics during lamination. Each layer is coated separately, which ensures a firm bond between the woven materials in the construction.

Wet Lamination

Each of our products is laminated by hand. Things have been laminated this way for dozens of years now. Even though newer, quicker and cheaper methods of lamination have been invented, this reliable, old-fashioned way is best for achieving the durability and the ideal properties of our products.

Lamination Master

Tomáš Odrášek, Jirka Kadlec

Each and every product of ours has passed through the hands of these masters. Lamination is an intricate process based on meticulous handicraft, correct technological procedure and years of experience. Meeting these requirements allow us to build products which meet the highest standards of durability, quality and performance.


Heat, Pressure and Time

These elements haven't changed for almost 100 years.

During the process of lamination, all the components are soaked with a heat-activated adhesive. The press heats up by means of oil which circulates through the heating plates. Subsequently, it is cooled down by water which is then re-used for further cooling. This process is very sensitive and the pre-defined cycle has to be observed very carefully.


This process is carried out under a pre-set pressure. Pressing pushes the air out of the construction and the pressed board receives its final shape and strength. The profile of the board (camber, rocker, concave or convex) is achieved during the pressing phase.

Pressing Master

Tomáš Ondrášek, Jirka Kadlec

Pressing is a complicated process. Any change in the product's construction requires a complex adjustment of the press. Antonín and Jirka carefully monitor and measure each piece so that they can adjust the press accordingly, change the pressure, temperature or time. Only then can they achieve the best result which perfectly corresponds with the original design, making sure that we deliver top-quality products.

Rough Finish

Press Work – Compact Rough

Getting the Right Shape!

The pressed board is left to "mature" for several days. Even though it already has all the elements in place, it is not a finished product yet. It needs to take on the right shape. 

Cutting and trimming

That's when our products are given their basic shape. This "rough machining" includes: cutting, trimming, uncovering the inserts and sharpening the edges. During this phase, each product is hand-tooled several times and receives its final curves.

Rough Finish Master

Milan Sedláček, Jirka Novák

Each product has its specific finishing procedure. Milan has years of experience with finishing and gives to your product the same amount of care he gives to the world champion's board (because one never knows which one of you may become the next one).

Fine Finish

Final Phase

Creating the masterpiece.

It's like having a diamond in the rough which is gradually becoming a perfect jewel. Patience, extreme care and attention to detail is of utmost importance here. Each product bears the mark of the person who finished it for you.

Fine Grinding, Waxing

This phase includes "fine-tuning" the shape, sharpening and polishing the edges, waxing the base and preparing the product for quality control and packaging.

Finish Master

Milan Sedláček, Jirka Novák

They are responsible for the consistency in machining quality and fine finishing. He's the one who constantly improves the technologies and methods of finishing, because each product has different requirements.

Technology Development

Machine Equipment

Experience is essential.

Due to their very specific purpose, some of our machines simply cannot be purchased and we have to design and build them ourselves. That's why a lot of our equipment and machines are truly unique and help us push the limits of our products even further. We don't do serial production, therefore a large portion of our production equipment can't be standardized and readily available. Sometimes it means that if you need it, you have to make it yourself.

Continuously Improving the Process

We're always trying to find new ways of making our products even better and every finished piece helps us to move forward. We're searching for ways of re-thinking our production equipment so that in future, we can offer you an even better product. We're not looking for compromises or an easy way out. We're looking for more challenges.

Technology Master

Honza Poul

He's a master of his craft. He's in charge of improving, developing and building more sophisticated production equipment which would allow us to employ more sophisticated methods. His experience represents one of the cornerstones of our production.

Development department

3D Development

"The best way to predict your future is to create it." Abraham Lincoln

All our products are first created as 3D models. To make these, we're using the professional 3D-CAD software. The entire research and development process takes place in our facility in Bohemian-Moravian Highlands. 

3D Drawing and Planning

At the beginning, there is a pencil sketch which is then converted into a basic 3D model. Subsequently, this model undergoes a complicated process of adjusting and fine-tuning the shape in a special 3D software to achieve the required result. Thanks to this, we’re able to make high-precision products with complex 3D faces. 

Development Team

Tomáš Samek, Petr Ondráček, Jan Vašák

Their teamwork makes it possible for all our products to be born. Years of experience, intimate knowledge of 3D and the ambition to push the limits of sports – all these are necessary to develop the perfect equipment. The team is driven by their desire to keep coming up with new and better products to enjoy together with you.



Precision is our passion.

The best mould material is Aluminium. The Aluminium for skis and snowboards is first cut by laser and then assembled into moulds. More complex 3D moulds are machined from massive aluminium blocks using a 5-axis CNC milling machine.

Creating the Moulds

Depending on the complexity of the moulds, this process can take from several days to several weeks. Utmost precision and attention to detail are absolutely vital during this phase.

Moulding Master

Jenda Poul

Is responsible for the accuracy of the moulds and their preparation for the pressing process. Thanks to new trends, shapes and possibilities of machining, the manufacturing process is constantly evolving.

Quality Control, Administration


Enjoy the perfection.

During the entire manufacturing process, the surface of our products is protected with a special foil. It guarantees that the top surface remains intact during all the previous procedures. When performing quality control, the foil is removed so that we don't miss any details.

Quality Control, Packaging, Invoicing

We're testing the positions of all the inserts, the quality of saturation, the smoothness of the 3D elements and many other things. Transparent products are given hand-written serial numbers. These numbers wouldn't be visible on carbon products, that's why these are impressed by a number printer. This is the very last operation before packaging and shipping.

Quality Master


She is in charge of manufacturing quality control, production consistency and shipping inspection. Her diligence and thoroughness helps to uphold the high standard of our products.

Environmental Policy

Wood, Aluminium, Water, Energy

Our promise to the environment.

The wood we mill off is compressed into briquettes which we use for heating. The aluminium processing scrap is collected and returned to the supplier to be recycled. We also recycle the water used for cooling; in future, we would also like to use it for heating.

Environmental Approach

We strive to conserve as much energy as possible: e.g. by buying materials in Europe or by using the full capacity of the presses. We're also testing several kinds of eco-friendly resins.

The Entire Workshop

We're at the beginning of a long journey towards minimizing the impact of our current actions on the future generations. We take it as another challenge!

*Bára Hlaváčová* | Skier

Bára Hlaváčová | Skier

*Antonín Bednařík* | Wakeboarder

Antonín Bednařík | Wakeboarder

  • Name | Antonín Bednařík
  • Instagram | antonbedna
  • Born | 1990
  • Wakeboards | Wakeboard NIP
  • Stand | goofy
  • Wakeboarding since | 2010
  • Favourite trick | be in the press
*Přemysl Vida * | Snowboarder

Přemysl Vida | Snowboarder

*Jan Julina* | Wakeboarder, Skier

Jan Julina | Wakeboarder, Skier

*Sebastien Štolfa* | Wakeboarder, Snowboarder

Sebastien Štolfa | Wakeboarder, Snowboarder

  • Name | Sebastien Štolfa
  • Instagram | seb_stolfa
  • Born | 2010
  • Wakeboards | Wakeboard Fantom
  • Stand | goofy
  • Wakeboarding since | 2017
  • Favourite trick | transfer
*Bogdan Kornas* | Wakeboarder

Bogdan Kornas | Wakeboarder

  • Name | Bogdan Kornas
  • Instagram | bogdan.kornas
  • Born | 21.7.1983
  • Wakeboards | Wakeboard Reign
  • Stand | Goofy
  • Wakeboarding since | 2008
  • Favourite trick | Frontside boardslide
*Hubert Vaníček * | Wakeboarder

Hubert Vaníček | Wakeboarder

  • Name | Hubert Vaníček
  • Instagram | hubert_vanicek
  • Born | 1996
  • Wakeboards | Wakeboard Goodfella
  • Stand: | Regular
  • Wakeboarding since | 2016
  • Favourite trick | Crow mob
*Jáňa Krčmová* | Wakeboarder

Jáňa Krčmová | Wakeboarder

*Adam Strach* | Kiteboarder

Adam Strach | Kiteboarder

  • Name | Adam Strach
  • Instagram | fear_lab
  • Born | 1.7.1997
  • KiteboardsKiteboard Faith
  • Kiteboarding since | 2012
*Štěpán Machač* | Kiteboarder

Štěpán Machač | Kiteboarder

*Matteo Marchi* | Kiteboarder

Matteo Marchi | Kiteboarder

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