Kiteboard | Faith

  • Name / Faith
  • Kiteboards / Kiteboard Faith
  • Style / Allround
  • Rocker / Continuous
  • Sizes / 134, 139, 142
  • Ambassadors / Adam Strach
  • Dimension
    A: 1340 mm, B: 430 mm, C: 349 mm
    A: 1390 mm, B: 440 mm, C: 389 mm
    A: 1420 mm, B: 440 mm, C: 419 mm
  • A: size B: waist C: insert spacing/distance


Price / 13.400 CZK incl. VAT / 558 EUR incl. VAT

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Price / 13 400 Kč incl. VAT / 558 EUR incl. VAT
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A board with great manoeuvrability and extreme performance. We did our absolute best and created an all-round board with asymmetrical bottom, reflux edges and light construction which will help you dominate the water.


A more versatile version of the ultimate kiteboard Flair.

The Faith board is based on the Flair concept the carbon laminates of which were replaced with quadraxial fibreglass. This way, we’ve achieved a smoother ride and less aggressive performance.

We've created a radical kiteboard with no compromises, be it in construction or technologies. Thanks to this, Faith boasts a unique asymmetrical bottom which ensures great manoeuvrability and stability on landing. It pushes water towards the fins which increases handling precision. Our reflux edge is adapted to effectively push the water away from the rider protecting him/her from splashing. The ABS sidewall is thicker around the bindings and gets thinner towards the centre where it also changes its angle to allow more aggressive edging.

The core is made from light paulownia and the inserts allow for both wake and kite binding options. Inserts are protected from being ripped out by special carbon reinforcements. To improve torsional stiffness, we used carbon reinforcements as well.


  • Core | 3d machined woodcore
  • Bottom | Asymetrical bottom contour – kite specific
  • Materials | quadraxial fiberglass
  • Reinforcements | Carbon X power stringers
  • Edge | Rubber dampened edge
  • Edge construction | Reflux sidewall
  • Base | Slide base or ICP base optional
  • Inserts | Bombproof inserts


3d machined woodcore
The core is CNC machined with an accuracy of 0.1 mm. This accuracy allows us to fine-tune the riding performance of our products. The core is made of paulownia to make sure the kiteboard remains sufficiently light.

Asymmetrical bottom contour – kite specific
The asymmetrical shape of the bottom steers the water towards the fins to improve control and manoeuvrability. When landing after a jump, the board stabilizes more quickly.

Quadraxial fibreglass
Quadraxial fibreglass is woven from fibres with 4 different orientations. We have it custom-made so that we're able to fine-tune the board's flex and torsion by choosing the correct weight and thickness of the individual directions of fibres.

Lite Carbon power stringers
Reinforcements from uni-directional carbon fibres improve the flex along the long axis of the board. Their position, weight and width help to optimize the performance. In the case of X power, we place the reinforcements under both bindings to transfer the force to the edges more effectively.

Rubber dampened edge
To improve shock absorption and increase durability, we use VDO anti-vibration rubber on the joints of the base and the ABS sidewall.

Reflux sidewall
The sidewall is thicker around the bindings to steer the water away from the rider and gets thinner in the middle to allow for more aggressive edging.

Slide base
The sintered slide base was specially designed for wakeboarding and has a hardness of 9.2 × 10⁶ mol.

Bombproof inserts
The inserts are reinforced with quadraxial carbon fabric.

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