Snowboard | Tenet

  • Name | Tenet
  • Alpine / Allmountain snowboard
  • Style / Allmountain
  • Camber / Camber
  • Sizes / 161, 164MW, 167W
  • Flex
  • Radius
  • Dimensions
    161: A: 293mm B: 253mm C: 290mm
    164MW: A: 303mm B: 262mm C: 300mm
    167W: A: 312mm B: 271mm C: 309mm
    A = tip width, B = waist width, C = tail width


Price / 14.900 Kč incl. VAT / 620 EUR incl. VAT

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Price / 14 900 Kč incl. VAT / 621 EUR incl. VAT
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  • Ultimate, all-mountain carving snowboard with no expense spared. Designed to dominate in whatever conditions you find yourself. Would you like a board that carves turns with utmost precision and, at the same time, cruises like a dream? Do you need a tool that can cope with whatever the resort throws at you? Tenet snowboard is the right way to go.


This snowboard was developed in cooperation with Benet Dietermann – the owner of Konvoi Snowboards.

You’re looking at a sturdy, all-mountain board. Its unique shape will help you rule the resort. Precise carving, a slightly narrower tail and an asymmetric tip make it a great ally you can dominate every slope with.
The board is slightly tapered – the tail is 2 mm narrower than the tip. This makes the board more agile when changing edges between turns.

To keep things fun and playful, the setback has been set to 0 mm. The difference between the tip and the tail is 10% to make the board more all-round. That means you can rely on it even when you venture off-slope. Combined with directional sidecut and 8m radius, it turns the board into a true carving master.

This mix of features makes Tenet playful, precise and truly all-round.

Top-quality 1.2 mm sintered base and a light core made from paulownia and poplar wood. There are beech reinforcements around the inserts and vertically laminated ash along the effective edges.  Thanks to this, the edges are firmly anchored to the core and allow more precise carving.

The torsion kevlar reinforcements help distribute weight along the edges. The entire construction is enclosed in triaxial fibreglass combined with carbon-kevlar along the bottom.
This lamination has proven sturdy, light and stable.


  • Core | Triple woodcore
  • Materials | Carbon-Aramid fabric and Triaxial fibreglass laminatesrs
  • Reinforcements | Torsional carbon power rails and Aramid POP stringers
  • Edge | Rubber dampened edge
  • Edge construction | Bombproof thick stainless steel edges
  • Base | Carbon sintered base


Triple woodcore
The core is made from poplar and paulownia with beech wood around the inserts. Along the effective edges, we inserted vertically laminated ash wood. With this kind of reinforcement, the board offers precise carving and high durability.

Carbon-Aramid fabric
Woven triaxial laminate combining carbon and kevlar. It is applied to the bottom side to improve torsion and durability. Its main advantages are low weight and great damping properties thanks to the Aramid. 

Triaxial fibreglass laminates
The top layers consist of triaxial fibreglass lamination with 0,-45,+45 fibre arrangement. This laminate has excellent torsion properties, which ensures great edge control even at high speeds.

Aramid POP stringers
To maximize the pop of your ollies and allow aggressive edging, we added unidirectional Aramid reinforcement along the bottom part.

Torsional carbon power rails
Reinforcements from uni-directional carbon fibres improve the torsion along the short axis of the board. Their position, weight and width help to optimize the performance. The torsional carbon power rails go from the tips and tails of the effective edges towards the binding. Thanks to these, the board is easy to control when edging and it quickly reacts to riders’ movements.

Bombproof edges
The VDO anti-vibration rubber on the joints of the base and the ABS sidewall improves shock absorption and increases durability.

Carbon sintered base
Top-quality sintered carbon base from Germany with extra carbon for a better slide. Hardness 10.6 x10⁶ mol.

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