Skitouring | Alpski

  • Name | Alpski
  • Skis / Alpski
  • Style / Skitouring
  • Nose rocker
  • Sizes / 169, 175, 181
  • Radius
    169: 12,4m
    175: 13,5m
    181: 14,7m
  • Dimensions
    169: A: 126 mm, B: 90 mm, C: 111 mm
    175: A: 128 mm, B: 91 mm, C: 113 mm
    181: A: 131 mm, B: 93 mm, C: 116 mm 
    A = tip width, B = tip width, C = tail width
  • Mounting points
    169: 73 cm
    175: 76 cm
    181: 79 cm
    Measured from the end of the ski
  • Weight
    169: 2 578 g
    175: 2 760 g
    181: 2 820 g


Price / 18.900 Kč incl. VAT / 727 EUR incl. VAT


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Price / 18 900 Kč incl. VAT / 727 EUR incl. VAT
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  • High-performance and lightweight skis with an original design. It’s never been about how many times we can run up a hill. It’s always been about the experience on the ride down. If you feel the same way, you’ve come to the right place.


We’ve opted for a design combining ash veneer with American walnut, the same as our JasanSki Natural downhill skis. This design allows us to get rid of the plastic topsheet on the surface of the skis that 95% of manufacturers use. Thanks to this, we shaved off about 200g. The weight we saved allowed us to use regular ABS sidewalls instead of the cap construction, which significantly reduces the risk of ripping the edges out.

The silkscreen design visually connects both skis while keeping them unique and easy to tell apart.

The ski is 91mm under the boots and has a slight nose rocker, making it ideal for any ski mountaineering terrain.

To achieve top performance and lightness, we chose a core made from paulownia and two ash stringers under the mounting points, preventing the bindings from being ripped out. We’ve reduced the weight even further by using light carbon and aramid lamination along the bottom of the ski. At the top, we’ve used regular triaxial fibreglass lamination. This construction has proven sturdy, light and stable. 

We’ve used a top-quality carbon sintered base with extra carbon for a better slide


  • double wood woodcore
  • oak wood reinforced sidewall
  • true wood topsheet
  • triaxial fibreglass
  • carbon biaxial laminate
  • kevlar reinforced bottom
  • carbon sintered base
  • bombproof edges


Double wood woodcore
Core made of paulownia and two ash stringers under the mounting points, which prevents the bindings from being ripped out.

Oak wood reinforced sidewall
beech inserts placed vertically along the ABS sidewall. 

True wood topsheet
The skis’ design is based on the natural ash and American walnut veneer combined with a minimalist silkscreen. 

Triaxial fibreglass
The top layers consist of the well-proven triaxial fibreglass lamination with 0,-45,+45 fibre arrangement. This laminate has excellent torsion properties, which ensures great edge control even at high speeds.

Carbon biax laminate
The lower layers of the construction consist of biaxial carbon fabric with 0 and 90° fibre placement. This laminate provides excellent flex and great stability. 

Kevlar reinforced bottom
For the base, we use biaxial aramid (kevlar) fibres known for their high durability and protective properties. 

Carbon sintered base
Top-quality sintered carbon base from Germany with extra carbon for a better slide. Hardness 10.6 x10⁶ mol.

Bombproof edges
To improve shock absorption and increase durability, we use VDO anti-vibration rubber on the joints of the base and the ABS sidewall.

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