Wakeboard | Tad

  • Name | Tad
  • Wakeboards / Wakeboard Tad
  • Style/ Wakepark riding – air tricks a park
  • Rocker / Continuous
  • Sizes / 138, 142, 146, 149
  • Dimensions
  • 138: A: 437mm, B: 318mm
    142: A: 441mm, B: 338mm
    146: A: 441mm, B: 318mm
  • 149: A: 441mm, B: 318mm
  • A: waist B: insert spacing/distance


Price / 12.900 CZK incl. VAT / 538 EUR incl. VAT

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Price / 12 900 Kč incl. VAT / 538 EUR incl. VAT
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  • Special hybrid wakeboard we developed for air-tricks and riding over obstacles. Our efforts resulted in a fast board allowing for aggressive edging.


Dare to become its master?

We’d like to introduce to you our new hybrid board. We aimed at developing a wakeboard for air tricks as an addition to the Nip wakeboard that was designed specially for riding over obstacles.

We had to find the delicate balance between aggressive edging, great manoeuvrability, perfectly controlled turning and explosive pop. In order to achieve these characteristics we narrowed the outline at the tips which, in combination with the large channels in the bottom, offer quick edging and surgically precise turning. These two, large, asymmetrical depressions at the tips work as fins when turning.

In the middle of the board, there are two longitudinal, sharply cut channels that help stabilize the board when landing after a jump. Their special 3D profile pushes the water in front of and behind the board along its longitudinal axis thus ensuring your stylish landing after a trick.

To improve the transfer of torsion force we used a pair of parallel carbon reinforcements that end below the inserts. From this point onward a single reinforcement goes through the middle to the tips. This uneven placement of carbon reinforcements means that the centre of the board is relatively stiff to ensure better edging and the tips are softer to provide high pop.

Graphic design: Honza Vítek



  • Core | 3d machined woodcore
  • Bottom | Hydrodynamic bottom contour – wake specific
  • Materials | quadraxial fiberglass
  • Reinforcements | Lite Carbon power stringers
  • Edge | Rubber dampened edge
  • Edge construction | Asymetrical sidewall
  • Base | Slide base
  • Inserts | Bombproof inserts


3d machined woodcore
The core is CNC machined with an accuracy of 0.1 mm. This accuracy allows us to fine-tune the riding performance of our products.

Hydrodynamic bottom contour – wake specific
The profile of the 3D shape is designed with a view to its hydrodynamic properties needed for air tricks and riding in the park.

Quadraxial fibreglass
Quadraxial fibreglass is woven from fibres with 4 different orientations. We have it custom-made so that we're able to fine-tune the board's flex and torsion by choosing the correct weight and thickness of the individual directions of fibres.

Lite Carbon power stringers
Reinforcements from uni-directional carbon fibres improve the flex along the long axis of the board. Their position, weight and width help to optimize the performance.

Rubber dampened edge
To improve shock absorption and increase durability, we use VDO anti-vibration rubber on the joints of the base and the ABS sidewall.

Asymmetrical sidewall
The sidewall is sanded in the 90:10 ratio where on its upper side the profile of the core gets thinner towards the edges to allow for quicker and tighter turning.

Slide base
The sintered slide base was specially designed for wakeboarding and has a hardness of 9.2 × 10⁶ mol.

Bombproof inserts
The inserts are placed in beech stringers passing through the core. Moreover, they are reinforced with quadraxial carbon fabric.

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