Carving ski | JasanSki

  • Name | JasanSki
  • Skis / Ski JasanSki
  • Style / Sport carving skis
  • Camber / Camber
  • Sizes / 176, 184
  • Radius
    176: 16m
    184: 18m
  • Dimensions
    A: 124 mm, B: 72 mm, C: 100 mm
    A = tip width, B = waist width, C = tail width


Price / 12.900 CZK incl. VAT / 538 EUR incl. VAT

Tyrolia PRW 12 Black 

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Price / 12 900 Kč incl. VAT / 538 EUR incl. VAT
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  • The ash legend returns in a new guise. These sport carving skis combine a resilient ash core with state-of-the-art technologies. Technology meets tradition.


These skis were developed in collaboration with the Austrian company Unique Skis.

Even your great-grandfather was probably riding the slopes on ash skis; then people started experimenting with other materials only to come full circle with our unparalleled Parallax skis. The flex and torsion properties of the ash core can’t be replicated.  Moreover, the ash wood used in these skis grew in the Czech Republic.

To increase their stability and strength, we use all-round triaxial carbon lamination on both sides of the skis. Thanks to this you can carve the slopes with extreme precision. The ash skis are further reinforced by uni-directional flax fibre that harmonizes the skis’ flex and dampens vibrations. Moreover, flax fibres boast great performance-to-weight ratio. Had we chosen an all-carbon construction, the skis would be too hard and aggressive. By combining carbon with flax, we achieved the ideal properties for everyday riding.

We believe in making our products as durable as possible. That’s why we’ve used 1.8 mm thick edges and base instead of the 1.2 mm standard. Thanks to this, even after years of riding, there will still be enough material to sharpen. We finish the Parallax skis to 88° and 1°.

Their timeless topsheet tips its hat to the retro sports designs of the 1920s and 30s. It was designed by Patrik Madaras.


  • Core | Supreme ash woodcore
  • Materials | Strong carbon triax laminates
  • Reinforcements | Natural unidirectional flax fibres
  • Edge | Rubber dampened edge
  • Edge construction | Bomproof thick stainless stell edges
  • Base | Durable sintered base 1,8 mm


Supreme ash woodcore
The core is CNC machined with an accuracy of 0.1 mm. This accuracy allows us to fine-tune the riding performance of our products.

Strong carbon triax laminates
Triaxial carbon laminates – to improve torsional strength we use three-directional carbon fibres on both sides of the skis. Carbon is used to achieve surgical precision when carving a turn. We use only the best carbon fibres from a Japanese manufacturer.

Natural unidirectional flax fibres
Unidirectional flax fibres represent the new generation of composite fibres from Switzerland. This innovative and environmentally friendly material boasts an exceptional performance to weight ratio. It harmonizes the skis’ flex and dampens vibrations.

Rubber dampened edge
To improve shock absorption and increase durability, we use VDO anti-vibration rubber on the joints of the base and the ABS sidewall.

Bomproof thick stainless stell edges
These steel edges from Austria are a third thicker than the regular ones so that there is enough material to sharpen even after several years. We finish the JasanSki skis to 88° and 1°.

Durable sintered base 1,8 mm
Top-quality and extra-thick sintered carbon base from Germany. We use bases and edges that are one third thicker than the regular ones to increase our products’ life so that one day, you can pass on these ash skis to your offspring. Hardness 10.6 x10⁶ mol.

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