Wakeboard | Scarecrow

  • Name | Scarecrow
  • Wakeboards / Wakeboard Scarecrow
  • Style / Wakepark
  • Rocker / Continuous
  • Sizes / 149
  • Sizes
  • 149: A: 444mm, B: 373mm
  • A: waist B: insert spacing/distance


Price / 10.900 Kč vč. DPH / 454 EUR vč. DPH

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Price / 10 900 Kč incl. VAT / 454 EUR incl. VAT
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  • Ride or die! No, we’re not kidding, we really did it! Meet our antitrend wakeboard Scarecrow.


Not afraid of new experiences? If so, you should be right at home with this one. As far as its construction goes, Scarecrow is a typical representative of our product line. It is its outline that’s quite unconventional. It is almost half the width at the tips, which means it’s basically shaped like a coffin. That’s exactly the way we meant it. Ride or die! To make this joke complete, we’ve decorated the top sheet with a hand-painted skeleton. This wakeboard is ideal for shredding over obstacles and striking terror into the other people in the wakepark. The board uses specially placed carbon reinforcement to achieve standard riding performance despite its unconventional shape. The top sheet design for the Scarecrow was drawn by the Brno-based graphic designer, Patrik Madras.

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